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T-Shirt Sewing Patterns

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, you can beer have enough t-shirts. Not only that but finding one with the ideal fit is nearly impossible, which is why t-shirt sewing patterns are so popular. We have managed to compile a list of the very best on the internet to take the strain out of searching multiple sites to find the right one. Each one is free and most are fine for a beginner to attempt. For the best fitting clothes possible, take a look at our list of the best t-shirt sewing patterns.

Super Comfy Boxy Top

We’re a big fan of breathable t-shirts which is why this is a great place to start.

The design is on the floaty side, allowing plenty of air to pass through in the warmer months. It also looks dressy enough to be worn on a special occasion.

Using raw silk, it will wash well, feel great, and ensure you always have a reliable top that suits pretty works any day of the week.

More at: Peppermint Mag

Chilled Loungewear Set 

The first thing that struck us about this t-shirt sewing pattern is that it is so easy to make.

The chilled look adds to the fun and there is a dropped shoulder on the short sleeves and pocketed pants that are as comfy as you can get, this is a lounge west option that is sure to become the first thing you grab from the wardrobe on a lazy weekend.

Feeling a little cold? Layer it with a jumper and hold that mug of coffee a little closer.

More at: Peppermint Mag

Ruffle Sleeve Top

With two versions possible for easier printing, this looks like the sort of t-shirt sewing pattern that should be more complicated than it is.

The simple step-by-step guide is easy to follow and you are left with a top that looks great with a pair of jeans or cropped trousers.

Linen and cotton are two of the better options for this design to ensure it feels good as well as looks it.

More at: Peppermint Mag

Jersey Top

Looking like something that could easily be store-bought but with more soul, this classic look is great for everyday wear and goes well with a multitude of outfits.

We like this one because it allows you to choose different designs for the sleeves so you can really customize this one.

With a box fit and three-quarter length sleeves, it is relaxed, has a decent amount of coverage, and although it is only available in a copy-shop size, it is worth popping out to get your hands on it.

More at: Peppermint Mag

Fancy Ariadne Tunic

Despite the various features of this excellent pattern, it is not as difficult to make as it seems.

The rear keyhole at the back is decorative and there is a gathered neckline to add a little flair. This is no ordinary tunic so expect to be chuffed with the way the flutter sleeves look when you are done.

It can be made in sizes XS to XL and both the instructions and pattern are easy to follow. For something a little different, try making a tunic for your next project.

More at: Tanit Isis Sews

Unique Elise Tee

We like this t-shirt sewing pattern so much because there are so many ways it can be used to make different designs that fit great.

Sitting somewhere between a regular top and a tank, this has that floaty feel that ensures it can be worn on a summer’s day but is great for when you need to throw something on quick.

Any lightweight jersey fabric is best for that relaxed look and there is a pattern to sizes S, M, and L.

More at: Fine Motor Skills

Stylish Chelsea Raglan Tee

Although the example shows this is an excellent modernization of a plain white tee (and you can never have enough of those!) this seems so much more than that.

The quality of the fabric used is going to be a bit factor here but we love the cut and raglan sleeves. It is fine for a beginner and would actually make a good pattern for anyone looking for their first.

Expect to part with 2-3 hours of your time to make this from scratch.

More at: Fabrics Store

Peter Pan Collar Top

Who doesn’t want to be young forever? The Peter Pan collar top has a lovely loose fit, can be made with two colors and can be made without much fuss.

The whole design should only take 3-4 hours to finish and although it is labeled as an intermediate difficulty, with a little know-how it shouldn’t be too challenging. It is a solid choice for spring, especially when using the right fabric.

There is always the chance to use a heavier fabric for when the days are not so warm.

More at: Fabrics Store

Classic Tee

For your basic tee designs, this is as easy as they come. The comfortable fit is great and this is a free t-shirt sewing pattern for a size L.

It’s easy to see how a floral pattern gives the look a little summery cheer but it is possible to make this in any color and design and it will still be the most versatile t-shirt in the wardrobe.

The scoop neck looks great and this is known for being an easy to sew pattern so there is a lot to like.

More at: Its Always Autumn

Peter Pan Collar Tee

Everyone wants to stay young forever right? Well, this might not be the fountain of youth in some ways, but it does look great and isn’t overly complicated to make.

Probably a t-shirt sewing pattern best suited to an intermediate and it can take around 4 hours to make so it is best to put aside a good chunk of time.

The result is a comfortable tee that can be made with a couple of colors to add to the fun.

More at: Its Always Autumn

Twist Knot Tee

Another great example of how a little flair can go a long way. To make this tee that little more dressy the knot provides some texture to the look.

It isn’t difficult to make but it is only available in a Large size at this point. It might be possible to make adjustments if you are experienced enough.

Using different fabrics can change the look of the result so it can be fun to experiment. It is the sort of tee that can fast become the first item you grab when you can’t think of what to wear.

More at: Its Always Autumn

Ruffle Sleeve Tee

A twist on a raglan tee, the ruffle sleeves certainly add sophistication and adds to comfort. We love the length of the arms and doesn’t take long to complete.

It is important to print it full size and with clear instructions and easy-to-follow pictures, this is s pretty good pattern for someone who hasn’t tackled many projects like this before.

It is a good chance to practice that zig-zag stitch and put the sewing machine to good use.

More at: Its Always Autumn

Two-Tone Raglan Tee

Using a different color on the sleeves can really perk up the look. For a baseball tee, you can expect the same casual look that makes it a great option for wearing in the warmer months.

We like that the pattern can be changed to be made in any size, so kids can also join the fun. What is even better is that the pattern is unisex for young ones so all the family can enjoy a similar tee. Once the first one is complete, it is possible to make multiple tees of the same design in around 45 minutes.

More at: Its Always Autumn

Large Raglan Tee

Another great design that is simple yet is sure to be a favorite. This is the sort of tee that can be paired with a pair of jeans so when you are low on ideas, there is always a comfortable outfit ready to be worn.

The best thing is that the pattern offers users the chance to pick their sleeve length so if you are not a fan of the 3/4 length, mix it up and go with a short, elbow, or long.

The cured hem also adds to the appeal.

More at: Its Always Autumn

Chic Tee Pattern Hack

One for the summer, this comfortable yet well-fitted tee. There are details on how to make this in different sizes so it is one of the most universal patterns.

We are liking that the step-by-step process is made as easy as possible and the crossed texture on the front makes it much more than a simple tee. Using 3 yards of stretchy fabric for this free downloadable sewing pattern is the only investment you will need to make for a chic look that seems to go well with most pants.

More at: Mood Fabrics

Men’s Tee

Because men can never have enough tees as well, this simple design is made to fit a medium but there are details on changing for a small or large pattern. The printable instructions are easy to follow so you can have the ability to make a simple tee for the man in your life in no time.

There are variations for making a v-neck but the crew neck has that classic look that just works no matter what pants are being worn. This is the sort of pattern that you are going to keep going back to with different colors and ideas.

More at: Melly Sews

Simple Scoop Top

Using a shirt and turning it into a tee might seem difficult but this pattern takes a lot of the strain away.

It has those high french sleeves that show a little more of the arm and a scoop neck to make it a little different. There is plenty to like about this, not only is it a flattering fit, but it is super comfortable as well.

The design is for a small or medium and with 1.5 yards of jersey fit material you can have a new tee in no time.

More at: Skirt as Top

Cap Sleeve Blouse Tee

For a design with plenty of charm, this is a great option. More of a blouse than anything else, it has pretty touches that can make it a firm favorite.

There is plenty of advice at all stages of the making including on hat fabric to use and the oversized pictures are easy to copy.

The lace tap is optional but because it is easy to add and looks super, we think it is a nice addition for a little effort. Nice and airy, the zig-zag pattern is optional but it makes it easy to see how using a fabric that stands out is no bad thing.

More at: Sweet Verbena

Peasant Dress Top

Even the people at once upon a sewing machine were surprised at how easy this design was to make. It is a continuation of the dress of a similar design but the textured sleeves and floaty design make it a great design for kids who go through tee shirts like nobody’s business!

It is an ideal kids tee for the warmer days where they need a little protection from the sun, but also need to stay cool. They suggest using a recycled skirt which will likely provide enough material to make more than one.

More at: Once Upon a Sewing Machine

Interlude Top

Borrowing the inspiration from the high street, this cute tee is sure to turn some heads thanks to the multiple fabrics and colors used. Stitching different fabrics together might not be for everyone, but the example shows how easy it is to make an eye-catching tee shirt from home.

Add a little crochet to combine textures and follow the simple instructions. This is a good design for anyone who wants to practice working on something a little different and make use of multiple fabrics they have to hand.

More at: Flamingo Toes

Henley Tee Design

Everyone has to have a Henley tee somewhere in their wardrobe. In fact, one isn’t enough which is just as well since this design is easy to use and will likely be put to good use more than once.

The partial button decor at the front gives a flattering line and makes it even more casual than the tee already is.

This works because it uses a regular tee as the canvas and adds that flair to the sleeves and neck for a flattering and comfortable look. Go, for a Henley, today – this hack ensures it doesn’t take long.

More at: What the Craft

Basic Long Sleeve Ladies Tee

Another design where you can have 10 and it still won’t feel like enough. This is your every day, throw it on and match it with any pants kind of tee.

The design is simple and is fine for a beginner to tackle. It has full-length sleeves so it a great base layer in the cold months, and it is a completely free t-shirt sewing pattern.

The sizes are also generous in that they range from 32 – 62, a pattern for everyone. A great way to start the long list of tees that you want to complete, and tick off an essential.

More at: Picolly

Kimono Tee

Using a jersey fabric to make a comfortable flattering tee, the kimono sleeves that it gets its name from look great and are super comfy.

The downloadable pattern has plenty of large photos to help hold your hand through every step and has everything needed to go from fabric to fab.

The airy feel makes it a great tee for all-weather and purposes whilst with different fabrics, you can add some essential to your wardrobe that you can rely on.

More at: Maria Denmark

Baby Tee

So everyone except babies have had some fun so far, time to include them. Not only is this tee as cute as a button, but it doesn’t take long to make (it is baby size after all!), and can be made in sizes ranging from 3 – 18 months.

Be sure to use a fabric with a decent amount of stretch such as a cotton lycra jersey blend suitable for young ones. With 1/2 inch seam allowances and the right design on the fabric, you can have your little one dressed in a t-shirt that you look back on with fondness in years to come.

More at: Fleece Fun

Stellan Tee

One of the simplest yet most fashionable t-shirt sewing patterns on our list, we love this for so many reasons.

It has a fit that is something between slim and boxy and looks great with a pair of high shorts. The Stellan Tee is a favorite of ours and although the instructions don’t come with photos at this point, the descriptions are easy enough to follow.

A simple yet effective pattern that we can see being used time and again.

More at: French Navy

Girls Swing Tee

Another great option for anyone with kids, this girl’s tee is available in sizes from 4 to 16 years old so it is possible to make a great fit for all the girls in your household. We’re a fan of the fitted shoulders and flared hips to give it a bit of a stand-out quality compared to all those store-bought tees the younger ones seem to dirty whenever they put them on.

There is plenty of guidance on how to get this right but we think that any beginner will be able to take this project on. With a little patience and an evening set aside, you can make this girl’s swing tee with minimal fuss.

More at: Life Sew Savory

Fresh Summer Tee

In lots of different sides, this is a simple yet stylish tee fit for summer. The flattering fit is great and this is a pattern that has been amended to make sure everything is just right from the position of the neck to the sleeves.

There are options for making it easier so you can choose between a sleeve with cuffs or a hem and is great for layering as well as wearing as it is. You may want to print off multiple copies as any sewer friends are going to want to know where you got this pattern from.

More at: Life Sew Savory

Summer Fun Tee

Another tee ideal for the warmer months, combine the flattering fit with a floral pattern to add a little summer into your look. When the sun goes down it is just as comfortable under a sweater and although the floral design is going to pick up any look, a plain color is just as useful.

This is why it can be good to use this pattern more than once. The front and back can be made with cuts of fabric if you need to use up smaller pieces but the result is an equally impressive summer tee.

More at: I Candy Handmade

Wrap Top Sewing Pattern

Based on a wrap dress design, this has enough texture about it to make it fine for dressing up but is also casual and feels great. The wrap dress was one to So Sew Easy’s most popular designs so it is only right that they gave everyone the option to replicate it in a tee.

The loose sleeves make it nice and airy so it can be worn at any time of day and there is enough shape at the waist to make it a flattering fit. The written instructions are easy to follow but to make things even better, there is also a video tutorial.

More at: So Sew Easy

One Hour Blouse

This just might be the easiest design on our list, with only an hour of your time you can have a fully functional blouse that looks great. Fine for a beginner, it uses an existing blouse as the pattern so this is a bit of a life hack. We’re all for making things simple so it is a great one to try. This means you can try different types of blouses that have different sleeves so anything from your kimono to a sleeveless blouse can help. Each step is easy to follow and you only really need a few tools and a reliable sewing machine to turn an hour of your day into something productive and rewarding. What could be better?

More at: Sew Petite Gal

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