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Bra Sewing Patterns

There is no better comfort than a bra that is cut to the perfect size. The problem is, this can be near impossible to find. Everyone is different which is why a bra sewing pattern can be so rewarding. We have compiled a list of the best on the net, to take the strain out of searching. There is something for everyone, and a variety of styles is included. Some are easier to make than others, but the reward is the same, a comfortable fit and a stylish and functional bra.

Maya Bra

This underwired bra looks fabulous and can be printed on A4 or via letter printing format. We like that there is plenty of opportunity for customizing it to a design that you like. So, it is possible to use a variety of fabrics and even combine different designs should you wish to.

The bra sewing pattern has measurements for a variety of sizes and the simple instructions are easy to follow.

There are options for sizes between B to J cups and when using a stretch fabric, anything between 20 – 40% works best.

More at: Afi Atelier

Free Soft Shaped Bra

A bra with a little class and a simple design that is easy to make. The pattern is only available in sizes 36 and 38 but an experienced sewer might be able to make adjustments. Be sure to consider the stretch of the fabric before getting started and don’t be afraid to go for different designs to make this a bra sewing pattern you use more than once. The soft shape makes it comfortable and it is a great daytime bra that is easier when sewing a fit bra first using cheap materials. This is a project for an intermediate sewer and shouldn’t take longer than an evening.

More at: Sew Your Tv

Triangle Bra

With light padding and a comfortable fit, there is nothing restrictive about this. It is ideal for a casual sitting and looks smooth when worn under clothes. The sizes available are 36 – 42 EU.

It resembles a youthful bra and is wireless to ensure it is more comfortable than other options. It looks simple and is one of the easier projects on our list.

This would suit anyone who wants to make their own bra for the first time. There is decent support, and it is great for those who want a wireless option.

More at: Do It Ur Self For Free

Lace Wrap Bralette

Being able to control the fit is the major benefit of using a bra sewing pattern and this lace wrap version offers something a little different as well as being comfy.

It is a wrap-around bralette that is both flattering and cute. The pdf download is free and easy to follow thanks to the clear instructions.

There are measurements for sizes from small to XL and uses French seams and a wide zig-zag stitch. Wel like the frayed ends although they can be tidied up should you prefer a different look.

More at: Mood Fabrics

String Set Bralette

For a set with an alluring appeal, this is a sewing pattern that presents an achievable challenge.

There are 10 pages of instructions with the pattern so it is not for the faint-hearted, but this actually removes a lot of the guesswork that comes with this project.

It can be printed onto both A4 and Letter paper and is made with a variety of fabrics. For something a little special, this is a great pattern that shouldn’t take more than an evening to make for an experienced sewer.

More at: Make Bra

Simple Bra

Using the underwire of an old bra, or purchasing them from a craft store, this is a bra sewing pattern that should be achievable for an intermediate sewer.

There is plenty of support and only ten steps to get through. The large images help to make this as simple as possible and because it gets easier every time, it is a good pattern to save for later.

That way you can make use of different materials, designs, color combinations, and more to top up your supply. Indeed, you can never have enough!

More at: Instructables Craft

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