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Makeup Bag Sewing Patterns

You can never have too many makeup bags and as a sewing project, they are some of the easiest to make. Most of the options in the store are similar, to say the least, which is why so many people make their own. This is why we have created a list of the best makeup bag sewing patterns. Each one is free, simple, and will work to keep all the small essentials safe.

Pretty Pleated Makeup Bag

This would make a lovely gift on Mother’s day, what mum does not love a homemade gift? Most people have fabric scraps and cuts kept for a project such as this.

It doesn’t require a lot of material or time but there are nice touches that make it unique. The top zipper keeps all items safe and is easy to sew. Then, there are the pleats added to both sides.

There is also a lining so expect this to last a long time.

More at: Sew 4 Home

Zippered Toiletry Bag

This vintage-style toiletry bag makes us want to take a trip but wherever it is used, it is a rewarding project, and the pattern is free.

We love the combination of colors from the piping to the metal dots on the top. The laminate material makes it easy to wipe down as stopping smudges and spills completely is near impossible.

Because of the material you are working with, a reliable sewing machine is a must, as are a standard presser foot, and zipper foot.

More at: Sew 4 Home

Roll Up Makeup Brush Bag

The roll-up design of this makeup bag sewing pattern is so convenient as it is small when rolled up, but when stretched out, provides easy access to those brushes.

The tie closure makes it a little prettier and it looks a little bit like a purse and even fits into a bag nicely.

It includes a template for getting the spacing right for the zippered pocket.

More at: Sew 4 Home

Zippered Toiletry Case

The side loop handle makes this makeup bag easy to carry and it has a large capacity to make it perfect for storing toiletries.

The zipper provides easy top access and the exterior is made from ripstop nylon that is wipe-clean.

One of the best things about this project is that it can be made from scraps and there are lots of large images to take away a lot of the guesswork.

More at: Sew 4 Home

Zippered Makeup Bag

The wired inner ensures this makeup bag keeps its shape better than most. There are plenty of opportunities to personalize this project, from the zipper detail that is heart-shaped in the example.

It features a lining to keep it more secure. When fully opened it has a wide capacity making it easy to access.

Although there aren’t extensive instructions it is not a difficult project to master for an intermediate sewer and above.

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Cosmetic Travel Bag

A felt travel bag always has a nice texture and is relatively easy to work with. Because it isn’t the widest, it is easy to slip into a bag and is deep enough to hold plenty of makeup essentials.

It measures 18 cm x 18 cm x 7 cm so there is still a decent capacity and both a machine and hand sewing are used here.

The zipper is sewn by hand so this shouldn’t be an intimidating project for a beginner. The instructions are easy to follow and the felt is flexible enough for it to be filled up to max capacity.

More at: DIY Tutorial Ideas

Makeup Bag Made Easy

Although this project is labeled as easy, there are plenty of impressive features. To start, there is a mirror and small LED lights so this is about as glam as you could hope for.

Use a fabric that is lightweight enough for the lights to have a chance to shine and make this bag look as impressive as it should.

It measures approximately 14 x 17 cm. This is a makeup bag sewing pattern with a difference.

More at: The Sewing Directory

Vinyl Lined Makeup Bag

This pleasant pouch-style makeup bag can be easy to transport due to its convenient size, and even when at max capacity, it is still easy to fit into a suitcase.

The vinyl lining makes it easy to clean but also prevents it from spilling out and staining garments and anything else it is near.

The clipped handle makes it easy to carry and the 9-inch zipper gives plenty of room to rummage. The tutorial itself is easy to follow and means it shouldn’t take long to complete.

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Little Bitty Bag

This cute and colorful makeup bag can be made in double-quick time with the help of a reliable sewing machine.

You will need a zig-zag presser foot to attach the zipper and this makes it a good project for a beginner looking to learn new sewing skills.

It is another project that would be good for making use of those scraps you have kept for smaller projects and it all centers around 12 x 1.5-inch strips of fabric as well as a base fabric.

More at: La Bella Colori

Vinyl and Fabric Cosmetic Pouch

The clear vinyl of this makeup bag sewing pattern is great because it makes it easy to find something fast without having to rummage.

It all starts with 2 fabric rectangles and a vinyl rectangle and the instructions are as simple as anyone would hope. Because they are so easy to make, it is a good project for organizing the bathroom cupboard.

Why not keep makeup in one, cotton buds in another, then mini toiletries for guests in a third.

More at: Haberdashery Fun

Quilted Zipper

The texture of this quilted version is so nice that it is hard to put it down once it is finished. The quilting pattern takes a little skill but this is an excellent project for trying something new or practicing those quilting skills.

The floral pattern in the example shows what is possible but not everyone is an expert in free motion quilting, a straight stitch and a walking foot will more than suffice.

There are plenty of images to walk the user through each step so this should be a rewarding makeup bag that most people will find easy enough.

More at: Luann Kess

Cosmetic Bag Case

This is another roll-up cosmetics case and one that has a vinyl lining inside to make it easy to see what you are looking for.

The best part is that there are three zipper pockets, making it easy to compartmentalize different types of makeup.

The snap press is optional but definitely adds a nice secure touch to what is a simple design o the outside, but full of surprises when rolled out.

More at: Pellon Projects

Toiletry Bag Tutorial

This cute makeup bag sewing pattern is a good project for a beginner yet still offers a chance to get creative.

The zip pull is one such feature as you can add beads or something small to give it a little personalization. It makes good use of different materials with jean being a staple here.

This is great as it is durable, has a little room for stretch, and is easy enough to work with when using a decent sewing machine.

More at: Craft Astical

Cosmetic Pouch Bag

There’s something about this option that is just a little more fashionable than some of the others.

From the thin lines that cross to the little label that makes it look store-bought, it is not an ordinary cosmetic pouch bag.

Although the instructions are lacking, the images make it a simple project and there are plenty of them to take the user through each step. The reward is a bag with plenty of room and a secure lining.

More at: Hand Madiya

Boxy Pouch

With a typical makeup bag style, this boxy pouch packs down well for travel, but can also be stuffed full of your favorite makeup items and kept by the bathroom mirror at all times.

It is only small at 4.5 inches long and 3 inches high but this makes it perfect for storing a handful of essentials for a weekend away.

If you have a small amount of fabric leftover and want to put it to good use, you should look no further than this project.

More at: Three Bears

Quarter Series Toiletry Bag

With fusible vinyl on the inside to make sure no spills leak, this is a decent-sized makeup bag and there is plenty to love.

From the polka dot design on the outside, to the contracts of the red zipper to the blue of the main fabric, it is a fully functional and pretty bag.

Measuring 8 inches long, and 5 wide and tall, there is no shortage of space for when you need to add new makeup.

More at: She Got The Notion

Simple Makeup Bag

Finishing with an easy project is an ideal project for anyone who only has an hour to spare. In fact, it should take less – around 20 minutes for a lot of sewers.

As expected, the instructions make it seem basic, and there isn’t a lot of skill involved bar the zipper when it comes to attaching it.

We like the strips, the size, and the convenience of this option. A makeup bag for those who need to start with an easy project.

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