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Cropped Top Sewing Patterns

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, there is always a chance that a cropped top is going to be one of the first things you pull on in the morning. With comfort being all-important with these garments, it is always best to use a quality cropped top sewing pattern. This way, you can work towards a fit that is ideal for you, or for whoever it is being made for. They are easy to make which means they are an excellent first-time project for a beginner sewer, and it is easy to make a few in one sitting. Because it can difficult to find the right pattern for your needs, we have compiled a list of the best cropped top sewing patterns to take the strain out of searching.

Tie Up Crop Top

This pattern has been graded so it is possible to make it in sizes ranging from small to XL.

We love the cute collar and the small yet convenient pockets that give this some stand-out features. The pattern itself is easy to follow, as are the instructions, and best of all, it is completely free.

The large pictures make it an easy pattern to follow and although it does require some know-how, we think this is a project that can be tackled by a beginner with a little experience. Match it with some denim shorts and enjoy some warm weather.

More at: Mood Fabrics

Sophisticated Crop Top

Far from the slouchy relaxed tops that many people associate with a cropped top, this is a fashionable piece that has something a little different about it. We love the neck life and ruffled texture and can see this going nicely with a variety of outfits.

The chic design makes the most of the black material and it can be worn with high-waisted pants or something a little shorter. Use a yard of stretch thin cotton and a few other materials and you are good to go. It is a free cropped top sewing pattern and doesn’t take too long to complete.

More at: Mood Fabrics

Summer Crop Top

When the weather is stifling hot, there are few items better than a crop top. This is your typical summer garment that is going to take some beating for comfort. Then, there is also the style. It has thin straps and a knotted design to add texture to the look.

The style is all down to the fabric used so find something with a summer-inspired design and you are halfway towards the ideal summer top. For a spring break type of crop top, this is ideal and comes with a video tutorial to make it even easier to finish.

More at: Instructables Craft

Wrap Crop Top

With advice on the three different ways to wear this cropped top, there is a lot to like about this simple cropped top sewing pattern.

It can be worn in a simple no-fuss way to tied into a bow or wrapped so this is a good option for anyone who wants multiple looks from one garment.

Using an old shirt or one that you picked up from a thrift shop is a good way of turning something old into something as contemporary and useful as this crop top.

More at: The Felted Fox

Amara Top

This front crop top is easy to sew and we think it is one of the more high rewards for little effort pieces on our list.

Using a stretch fabric will ensure that this is a super comfortable piece that is easy to slip on when the sun is out and get some sun on your skin.

We like that it has multiple sizes to choose from so you can get the most comfortable fit, with everything from XS to XL available.

More at: Patterns by Cindy

Linen Crop Top

Super breathable and with enough elegance to make it a dress-up garment as much as a summer’s day top, this has the style to be worn with a variety of outfits. With only 1.5 meters of fabric required and some basic sewing skills, this is one that a beginner could tackle and should be easy for anyone who considers themselves to be an intermediate sewer and above.

Using a short as the base, the instructions make it easy from the first step to the last, with plenty of large pictures to guide you along the way.

More at: Collective Gen

Off Shoulder Cropped Top

There is plenty to like about this design. Not only is it soft when using a drapey fabric, but it has a breathable design that gives enough coverage whilst remaining ideal for a hot day.

There are how-to instructions for every step from the measuring to the cutting to the sewing which is why this is one of the easier ways to make an off-shoulder cropped top.

Another free sewing pattern that you will want to use time and again.

More at: Collective Gen

Krissa Crop Top

Available in a wide range of sizes from 0 – 32, this is a crop top that looks great on anyone. It is the sort of summer top that you will want to make in different designs with floral patterns and even linen looking great.

The pattern itself is relatively easy to follow and anyone who has made a cropped top before will find each step easy enough. The split-back detail has a nice look to it and the dual buttons are cute. It is useful for mastering some of the basics such as using bias tape and making buttonholes with this pattern.

More at: Amy Nicole Studio

Casual Crop Top

With measurements for different sizes that even help with the depth of the armhole, this is an easy-to-follow cropped top sewing pattern. We like that there are easy steps to follow and plenty of instructions making it easier for a novice to follow.

It does require adding a zipper but this can be a good project for practicing a new skill or mastering one that you may not have used in a while. The relaxed look of the top makes this a garment that can be worn on pretty much any occasion.

More at: Sew Guide

Lavinya Top

With sizes between 2 and 10, this is another versatile pattern and has that typical crop top airiness about it that makes it a relief to wear when the sun is out. To get some sun on your shoulders, this is another great option and can be worn with a floaty skirt.

A downloadable pdf that makes life easy for the user, this is the sort of pattern that we recommend saving and using time and again. There are plenty of options in terms of patterns as we like the chequered fabric used in the example, but the possibilities are endless.

More at: Lola Nova Blog

Crop Top With Fringe

We love the texture of the fringe area as this does give this design a unique feel it. This makes it nice and airy so when the sun is beating down, it is still comfortable to wear. The simple design of the rest of the top is flattering and there are plenty of size options to choose from.

The whole process only took the maker half an hour so it shouldn’t take even an inexperienced sewer too long to make. We like that it has a casual look but could also be worn as part of a smarter outfit.

More at: The Little Studio

Salina Cropped Top

This light and floaty top make you dream of summer when it is approaching as it has that thin-strapped look that feels like it was made for warm days.

The best thing is that no zippers or buttons are needed and there isn’t a ton of fabric used to make it.

The whole process is easy to follow thanks to the large pictures and simple instructions. It is available in sizes from 6 to 26 so this can be the go-to warm-weather crop top for many.

More at: So Sew Easy

Off Shoulder Ruffle Tee

The ruffles on this give it plenty of texture and the off-shoulder look is one that is not going out of fashion any time soon. Those heady summer days were made for this top and it can be made out of an old t-shirt or something from the sale rail in a store.

The biggest plus point here is the instruction video which takes you through every step at your own pace and makes it easy to understand exactly what you should be doing. For a free cropped top sewing pattern, this sure does make life easy for the maker.

More at: My Style Diary

Amanda Tie Shoulder Top

The tie on the shoulders certainly makes this cropped top stand out in all the right ways. It is both elegant and sophisticated whilst remaining a simple enough design to make at home. This is also a versatile pattern as to when finished, the top goes with just about anything from jeans to a skirt of any length.

Ten sizes go all the way up to 5XL and it can be printed onto A4 paper making it easy enough to prepare from home. No set fabric works best so you can be creative and find a design and material that works for you.

More at: Tianas Closet

Celine Crop Top

We love everything about this pattern from the length of the sleeves to the princess seam. Its round neckline is flattering and the length is just right for a cropped top in this style.

The examples show how it might look in different styles which is always good when making your mind up and it can be printed onto A4 using a home printer which is always a bonus.

It is free and falls onto the natural waistline to give you that relaxed yet chic look.

More at: Tianas Closet

Summer Time Top

Using a 9-inch zipper and a cotton fabric, this is a true summer top that makes the most of vibrant materials.

We like that the pattern is easy to follow thanks to the simple instructions and large images.

Anyone with some basic sewing skills will find this an easy cropped top sewing pattern to make that feels comfortable on the shoulders and has the perfect length for a cropped top.

More at:

Old Jeans Crop Top

Repurposing old jeans is something we are all for and because the fabric is heavier, we are glad to see that this offers plenty of areas for the body to breathe and this makes a simple project for a beginner because there are no overly complicated stitches to master.

The good news is that you don’t have to use jeans if you do not want to were denim in this way and the pattern can be used for other materials.

More at: Cut Out and Keep

Drawstring Crop Top

Using a sleeveless top as a guide, it is easy to make the ideal cut for this crop top.

The design is as simple as can be which makes it even more satisfying when you are stitching the final section.

With only ten steps to master, it doesn’t take long to make this flattering cropped top.

More at: Cut Out and Keep

Shirred Top

With tie straps to keep everything together, this shirred design has flattering textures and the ideal length for a cropped top.

There is plenty of room for being creative but as a pattern, it keeps things simple so it shouldn’t;t take long to make.

You will be left with a cropped top that can be worn in a multitude of ways with pretty much any outfit.

More at: The Essentials Club

Cami Top

With tie sleeves, this cute and comfortable cropped top sewing pattern is easy to follow.

There isn’t a lot of fabric needed and because of the time saved, it is possible to make multiple versions in one sitting. It has a nice fit that allows plenty of air when the days are getting hotter and there are only 6 basic steps to master.

Using a fun fruity design like the one in the example is always going to work, so you can get creative and think of another summery option.

More at: The Essentials Club

Criss Cross Crop Top

The texture of the front makes this stand out and because it is simple to make, we are all for it.

This is the sort of crop top that would look great with a floor-length skirt and should be easy to make thanks to the video tutorial.

This allows a beginner to pause when it is convenient and make this at their own pace.

More at: Creative Fashion Blog

T-Shirt Crop Top

Everyone has spare t-shirts they don’t wear so much anymore.

Even if you find a bargain tee at the store, this is a good way of turning it into an off-shoulder crop top that can ensure you are comfortable in the warm months.

The process is simple yet the video tutorial makes it even better and for a free cropped top sewing pattern, this is one of the most useful.

More at: Owlipop

Easy Restyle Crop Top

A plain crop top can be an easy-to-wear garment but they are not always the most exciting.

This pattern allows the user to jazz things up a little and add some flair to a crop top.

The ruffled design and embroidered lines make this stand out, and there are easy instructions for repurposing an old top that needs a little bringing to life.

More at: A Beautiful Mess

Upcycled No-Sew Top

Another great top for taking on an easy project. There is no sewing required so this is as basic as it comes.

The cutting and finding of an old top is the hard part here.

There is only the need to make the cutting lines and make the front tie to add some texture and make an old t-shirt into something new.

More at: Adopt Your Clothes

One Shoulder Crop Top

This works as a life hack just as much as a sewing pattern because it shows how easy it is to turn an old long sleeve tee into a one-shoulder crop top.

This has a summery feel to it whilst being casual enough to wear around the house.

There is some sewing involved but it isn’t a lot compared to a lot of the other tops on the list.

More at: My Style Diary

Knotted Linen Crop Top

The adjustment ties can make this crop top sewing pattern look even better at the back as you tie them into a nice bow.

The plunger cut is flattering and chic without being too casual.

This is certainly a crop top that has a sophisticated feel to it and we can picture it being the ideal top to wear to a social gathering.

More at: Fabrics Store

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