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Tunic Sewing Patterns

Is it spring yet? Emerging out of winter calls for a new wardrobe, and a tunic is always in demand as they can also be worn late into the warmer months. To make something unique, a lot of people use a tunic sewing pattern. Being able to customize your own projects is highly satisfying, not to mention they look great. To help you add something special to your wardrobe, we have created a list of the best sewing patterns for tunics. We have taken the strain out of searching multiple pages so you can concentrate on finding a design that suits your unique taste. There are tunics for kids, for spring, for summer, and many of them have unique elements and customization to ensure they stand out.

Breezy Tee Tunic

We love the floaty feel of this tunic and it ticks a lot of the boxes that we are always on the hunt for. Firstly, there is the flattering fit that can be altered to be just right. Then, there is the fact that despite it being an eye-catching pattern it isn’t overly complicated.

The lightweight fabric only needs to measure a yard before you get to work and the downloadable pdf makes it easy to make accurate cuts. With large picotees guiding the user through each step, it doesn’t take long to master this pattern.

More at: Its Always Autumn

Wear It With Leggings Tunic

We like this tunic design because of the simplicity. The green in the example looks great, and the fit would look just right over some leggings when the summer isn’t quite here yet. This pattern is only available in a Large size at the moment, but it is possible to make adjustments for those who have little experience of doing so.

Printing the pattern at 100% is the easiest method for quick cutting and we particularly like the flattering neckline of the result.

More at: Its Always Autumn

Tunic Dress

This is a flattering design that ties around the waist to make it even more so. With a favorite fabric and pattern, it is possible to make a truly eye-catching tunic that will turn heads and have your friends asking where it came from.

The instructions are also downloadable so you don’t have to keep your laptop or phone nearby and can get to work on the machine. It is recommended that it is printed on recycled r scrap paper, then passed onto a friend, something we are all for.

More at: Peppermint Mag

Molina Tunic

A fashionable tunic that has a nice touch of flair that we love. It has a minimalist look yet enough about the cut to make it a flattering piece that is floaty yet flattering.

There are two options for making it, one with a drawstring crossing around the neck area that really gives it a stand-out appeal, and the other understated yet fashionable design. For something that looks so good, it is surprisingly easy to make. There are also instructions as to how to make cuts for various sizes.

More at: Mood Fabrics

Vallea Tunic

This free tunic sewing pattern might look simple at the front, but the side slits and the airy back give it a little flair. It remains a neutral piece that can be a lifesaver in a hurry as it seems to go with just about everything. The fabric used in the example is vegan cupro fabric dyed but there are plenty of alternative options should you wish to use another or discover that this is hard to find.

The range of sizes is also impressive so this is a pattern that many people will be able to use. For a tunic that is a high reward but doesn’t take too much effort, this is a great option, especially with the vegan fabric if that is important to you.

More at: Mood Fabrics

Luise Tunic Pattern

This is one of the most popular free tunic swing patterns on our list and it is easy to see why. It has a cut and the small slit beneath the beck helps to make it breathable but adds some flattering lines. It is a 3/4 length tunic that gathers at the bottom to make it a truly stand-out piece in anyone’s wardrobe.

We love it because it can be thrown on whenever there is a sign of warm weather and has a floaty feel to make it comfortable every time it is worn. It is safe to say that this is a wardrobe essential that everyone needs to have a version of.

More at: On The Cutting Floor

Breezy Tunic

Everyone needs clothes that give them a pleasant amount of coverage, yet still, have a breezy feel to them that makes it a warm-weather favorite.

There is a wide neckline that helps to let the warmth get through and easy-to-follow instructions so we think this is going to be a tunic that has a high reward for minimal effort. The downloadable pattern makes the cutting easy and this is up there with the most comfortable tunics that feel light as a feather when on.

More at Sewing Rabbit

Marie Linen Tunic

The linen fabric is always going to feel great and is breathable and ard wearing even after several washes. Still, it is the cut that we love the most here. The oversized look makes it casual yet chic and it is slightly longer at the back with slits at the side making it more than a regular tunic.

The long sleeves and relaxed look making it ideal for throwing on early Sunday morning when you are sipping on a coffee with a favorite book. Step-by-step instructions are making it easy to create your own fashionable tunic with a little know-how. This is one that a beginner could tackle with a little patience.

More at: Fabrics Store

High-Low Tunic

The great thing about this tunic is that it works as a dressy piece but is also casual enough to be worn in comfort. Because the sleeves are floaty, they feel great and it is not restricting, as one might expect from a tunic.

The example uses a pleasant design on the fabric but it is possible to go understated and opt for plain neutral colors. The pattern is free, as are the instructions and with just 2 yards of apparel fabric and a few other bits, it is easy to make this DIY tunic.

More at: Online Fabric Store

Tie At The Waist Tunic Top

The flattering tie in the middle makes this almost feel like a summer dress but works without just as well. The pattern ensures there is nothing left to guesswork and there is even an instructional video to help walk you through the process.

Lightweight cotton is one of the best fabrics to use although it is possible to make use of silks or lightweight linen if you wish. Ther is a size chart for making this in small, medium, or large, and with everything from the pattern assembly to numerous images guiding the sewer through the process, this is a through tunic sewing pattern.

More at: Happiest Camper

Easy Tunic Pattern

Don’t be put off by the elaborate floaty lines of this design, it is made to be easy to make. There is also a bust chart to make a more comfortable fit no matter the size and the modern shape looks great. It floats in the breeze and as you walk and is available in US sizes 4 – 24.

For what is such a fashionable piece, the effort isn’t strenuous and definitely worthwhile. It has that early summery feel and is even special enough to be worn out to dinner in the evening. Because it is so easy to make, you may want to add a spare!

More at: My Handmade Space

Spring Tunic

The floral design on the example should whet the appetite to make this in time for spring. This is going to be even more the case since it is ideal for warmer weather with the sleeveless design and slit on the neck to make it cooler. The silhouette makes it ideal for layering and when combined with a pair of high boots and jeans, it really can be a signature look.

When you have run out of ideas for the day, this solves the headache as it seems to go with just about everything. The step-by-step guide that comes with the pattern does a brilliant job of taking the strain out of sewing a tunic.

More at: Creative Fashion Blog

Embroidered Tunic

Ok, because there is a little embroidery involved this is going to be a tad more complicated than some of the more basic tunics, but the reward is a fashionable piece that has some nice touches to make it unique. The embroidery isn’t difficult it just makes the process a little longer.

If you have the time to commit we recommend this tunic highly as with 1.5 yards of knit fabric and some matching thread, with some contrasting thread, most of the hard work can be done quickly. Use a comfortable shirt as a guide to take some of the strain out.

More at: Sewing Daydreams

Stretch Knit Tunic

The weight of this is a little greater than the floaty designs, but this makes it ideal for when the sun has;t yet become a regular occurrence and you still want to walk with some style.

The striped look is flattering and easy to get your hands on. The example uses a sweater as a guide to finding the right fit making this one of the easier options.

Using a skirt for the material, it is great for repurposing old clothes to end up with a new tunic.

More at: The Littlest Studio

Easy Knit Tunic

We like the waistline on this tunic and it has been designed to be an easy tunic sewing pattern so a beginner should be able to make this work. Using a loose-fitting t-shirt for the pattern is a simple concept and takes inspiration from some of the top brands on the high street.

There are only a handful of instructions so it is not as in-depth as others but this also makes it less stressful for some people who find it difficult to follow too many instructions. It’s simple and looks great.

More at: Sew Country Chick

Fitted Tunic

A typical tunic tends to be a floaty garment, but this is a spin on the design for anyone who enjoys their clothes more fitted.

The best fabric is a stretch canvas fabric as it leaves more room for movement. It is possible to make different types of sleeves for this but we like the simplicity of the short sleeve option. The round neck neckline is also flattering and adds to the feminine look of this free tunic sewing pattern.

More at: Bea Crafter

Citrus Tree Tunic

A design with something different about it, any summery fabric is going to look great in this design. It features a center-top button that adds a little texture and remains subtle. It is nice and breezy with the arms in particular being exposed enough to get plenty of air on a warm day.

The downloadable pdf is designed for A4 size printing and is easy to follow. The hard part is going to be choosing the right fabric to do it justice, who could blame you if you chose more than one?

More at: Kokka Fabric

Gathered Shoulder Tunic

The tunic itself has a basic feel to it that makes it easily worn with a multitude of pants, however, it is the shoulders that make it stand out.

The gathered look isn’t difficult to achieve and adds enough flair to make it well worth doing.

We love the texture of the linen in the example and think it would make the ideal tunicin preparation for spring. The V neck slit on the neck ensures it has a beauty to it that we are all for.

More at: Purl Soho

Ariadne Tunic

We love the flowing look of this brilliant tunic swing pattern and it comes in a variety of sizes. This means that anyone who considers themselves to be XS-XL can enjoy making this design. It has plenty of texture to it and a scooped, gathered neckline that really stands out.

Then, there is the rear keyhole opening to make it look great at all angles. There are flutter sleeves that look great and a hem band that seems to keep it all together, offering a flattering fit. We’re a big fan of this pattern if you couldn’t already tell and it works well with so many different looks.

More at: Tanit Isis Sews

Casual Tunic

With a color block design, there are so many ways to make this a unique tunic. The dual fabrics should, of course, complement one another, but matching them is part of the fun. There are details on how to size this up and down with ease and there are nice curves on the side that are flattering.

The good thing is that you don’t have to use different fabrics, it is easy to make this with a consistent fabric for a simpler look. The instructions are easy to follow, especially with the guidance of the large images to help.

More at: The Stitching Scientist

Simple DIY Tunic

Part dress, part top, this tunic is one of the easier to make and requires less time than a lot of the others. We like this pattern because it can take less than an hour to make so, technically, you could make a few new tunics to add to your wardrobe in one evening.

The short kimono sleeves look great and it is the irregular hem that adds a nice texture to it. It lies below the hips so it has a pleasant look if you wish to use it a as design for a top, or add some length to turn it into a tunic. The pattern itself takes all the guesswork out and the instructions are simply delivered.

More at: Sew Guide

Low Racerback Tunic

This beautiful tunic can be worn pretty much at any time outside of winter. The racerback style makes it look fancy as it flows a little longer at the back and has a pleasant cut towards the shoulders. Find a fabric with a little stretch in it to ensure it is comfortable to wear and use around 2 to 2.5 yards. Part of the pattern involves using a bodice pattern or a shirt you already own. There is a guide on how to make bias tape and other useful tips along the way. Every step is combined with large images that make it an excellent tunic that will fast become a firm favorite.

More at: Sewing Rabbit

Boho Chic Tunic

This is a tunic sewing pattern with a difference as you can tell from some of the nice touches among other things. The beautiful wide cut at the tip ensures it hangs on the shoulders giving it a delicate yet sophisticated look.

Of course, a big plus point here is the pattern used so if you can find something that screams boho then you are halfway towards making this unique design. There are multiple guides for different sizes and they can be made to fit anyone of a size 8 to 20. From the hem lace to the tie waist, it is as flattering as it is beautiful.

More at: So Sew Easy

First Project Tunic

Anyone who is still cutting their teeth in the sewing world will find this is an excellent project. Any first-timer can learn their trade with this pattern and although the bias tape around the V neck is a little more complex, it is a good way of learning new skills. We like the pleasant pattern used for the fabric but this is the sort of design that looks great no matter what is chosen. You can pick your own length here which makes it highly customizable and the floaty sleeves look great. It has a relaxed fit so it is ideal for a warm day where you want to choose your outfit wisely.

More at: So Sew Easy

Mini Lovebird Tunic

This cute as a button tunic pattern for kids is easy to make and makes a great project. Kids outgrow their clothes so quickly that it can be useful to make a size up and with pleasant touches such as embroidered pleats and trims that give it the chance to stand out a little more.

It buttons at the back and is described as ‘easy peasy’ so it can be tackled by a beginner. Obviously, there is less fabric involved but if the design is combined with one of the adult sizes of another, it is possible to make a matching tunic for mother and child. The instructions are simple, the design is cute, need we say more?

More at: Craftiness is not Optional

Childs Swing Tunic

With little bits of texture that make this a super cute tunic for kids, it is a popular pattern and we can see why. It is for size 18 months but it is possible to make your own adjustments. The vibrant pink is a pretty choice although any color or design would look good. It is combined with a different color for the hems to make it stand out a little more and although it involves using bias tape, it is generally an easy pattern to make. There are 18 steps to follow but these are actually short and sweet. It is better to be taken through each one in this way, rather than have long paragraphs that are difficult to follow.

More at: Heather Handmade

Mini Chevron Tunic

Another design for the small people in your life and we love this. The lines of the chevron are cute and although it measures something closer to a top, it is possible to make it longer into a tunic. There are cute ties for the shoulders that add some texture to the design and plenty of oversized pictures to make it easy to follow. We like that the pattern was so easy to follow and it doesn’t take more than a little know-how to achieve. There are cute buttons at the back that add to the fun of this tunic and it has a summery look that makes it a great choice to let them run around in on those long, warm days.

More at: Shwin and Shwin

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