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Gnome Sewing Patterns

Looking for something to cheer someone up, or just need more gnomes in your life? You are not alone! We love the little guys. Sometimes known as tomte, a Scandinavian Christmas gone, there are so many ways they can be made. This is why we have created a list of the best gnome sewing patterns. Each one is unique, so to make something a little different, our list is a great resource. There is everything from a table runner to gnomes for all seasons.

DIY Gnome

Another classic festive gnome and this one is made easy by the big images and simple instructions.

From the adding of the fluff to bulk out the gnome to the rice for filling the legs, there are plenty of clever steps that make this such a fun project.

There are parts where the whole family can join in and although the hat pattern won’t fit on one piece of paper, there is advice on how to make it work. We like that this gnome is a decent size, as it will look great over the Christmas period.

More at: Holly Grace

Christmas Gnome

This adorable little chap is similar to the ones you see in store, but far more personal, especially when given as a gift. That is if you can bear to part with him when he is finished.

For a gnome sewing pattern, it is easy to make, yet really looks fantastic with those long legs, ready to dangle over the shelf.

With that little soft beard and your choice of festive colors, there are so many ways this can be made to suit a color scheme. There are instructions to help guide the user through every step and it is possible to make more than one in an evening.

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Scandi Crimbo Gnome

Eccentric is always a good word to describe these little festive ornaments, and with a handful of materials and an easy-to-follow process, this is a great gnome sewing pattern for the family to try.

There is nothing overly complicated about them and they take just a matter of minutes to make.

There are only 3 steps here so although it doesn’t exactly hold the user’s hand, they are easy to make. An excellent first-time Christmas project to try with the kids.

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Gnome With A Face

Not many of these delightful gnomes have eyes, so this makes for a refreshing change.

The fluffy beard is still very much there for him to hide behind, but it has a slightly friendlier look that is almost a cross between a gnome, and Santa.

The eyes don’t slow the process down as they are just as easy to make. They take around 20 minutes to make, and that is on the first attempt. With a video tutorial as your guide, it is a great festive craft project.

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Felt Gnome Ornament

From sitting on the shelf to decorating the tree, Scandanavian Christmas gnomes are everywhere! We’re not complaining, especially as these sweet ornaments are so easy to craft.

There are only a couple of basic and it is one of the best craft projects for the kids to participate in as well.

They would look great when scattered around the tree and it is possible to make them in whatever color felt you wish. That way you can match your theme, no matter how bright and colorful it is.

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Free Christmas Gnome Pattern

Using socks as the main material, this is an excellent gnome sewing pattern project that can be made with the family.

Those Christmas crafts never seem to get boring, and this is a favorite for many. It is easy to see why since the tutorial is free and easy to follow. With some simple stitches and Christmassy felt, these don’t take long to make.

Because of the added touches such as the snowflake on the hat, and the shoes, these look more like the store-bought think, but with an added touch of homemade love.

More at: Fabric Art Diy

Easy Christmas Gnome

Sometimes you just want to make the easiest craft project possible, and thankfully that is what you are getting here.

With 1/4 yard of felt or similar fabric and a handful of other materials, these can be made in a matter of minutes.

There are only 7 steps to follow and each one comes with large pictures and simple instructions.

More at: Amy Latta Creations

DIY Fall Gnome

Another gnome sewing pattern, but this one is a little different.

Most of the gnomes on people’s lists are for the wintertime when things are getting festive, but these are fall-inspired.

We love the warmer colors and patterns and like the addition of the leaf motif.

They have a sweater-type body that looks fun and adorable and would sit nicely around the house when things are starting to get cozy.

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Holiday Gnome

Call it a Christmas gnome or holiday gnome, the important thing is that has a beard that looks like it has been growing all its life, and a big hat and nose.

These are on the tall side, making it possible to put them in a candle holder to keep them in place. There are some nice touches to make them a little fancier including the holly on the hat, and the eyes.

The instructions are designed to make this as easy as possible, and we think they have done a good job of it.

More at: Made in A Day

Christmas Gnome Pillow

There are so many crafts that can be made out of a pillow, but also making a pillow itself is a fun craft.

This gnome-inspired pillow will bring a little festive cheer to a living area and give a sparkle of Christmas color. The process is easy and there are only basic stitches to master.

With the use of a machine, this design should;t take long and it will be one of the first things out of the Christmas cupboard when the time comes.

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Gnome Block Sewing Pattern

This quilt block design looks great and can be draped over a bed or even pinned to a wall to bring some festive ambiance to a room.

It has a forest-inspired design and is available via a downloadable pdf. It is 12 inches long and it is easy to sew a load of gnomes to add to the design.

The cutting is pretty simple because it is a block design and this also makes it easier to sew. A great project for a beginner looking to make Christmas crafts at home.

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