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Kimono Sewing Patterns

We are a big fan of anything that adds a little sophistication to comfortable at-home wear. With a kimono sewing pattern, the possibilities are endless which is great since it can be hard to find a nice one in stores. Wearing a kimono is like making a fashion statement even when you are sipping a morning coffee on a lazy morning. We have selected the pick of the best kimono sewing patterns from around the net to make sure you are never short of ideas. Each one is comfortable, free, and should be easy for most sewers to complete.

Easy Robe

With only a handful of supplies and some drapey viscose fabric that feels great when wrapped around in the morning, it is easy to go from fabric to full-length kimono thanks to this pattern. The large pictures make this one of the easier projects to take on and it should be fine for a complete novice to complete once you have practiced some of the stitches.

The large sleeves make for floaty and comfortable wear that is ideal for lounging and wearing around the house. Get creative with the choice of fabric to give this design to justice it deserves.

More at: By Hand London

Lace Kimono

Ok, lace might not be the easiest fabric to sew, but it just takes a little patience. This gives you the chance to add a beautiful top layer that is elegant and can really lift an ordinary outfit.

Ideal for spring and summer, this lace kimono is not difficult to make once you get used to sewing lace and although it doesn’t have a waist tie, it is possible to add one later.

The cut is great and has that typical loose kimono style that will have everyone asking where you got it from.

More at: A Beautiful Mess

Kimono Top

Using a scarf to make your own kimono, is a great hack for turning a bargain of a scarf, or just an old one, into something you can wear in spring. Otherwise, pick up some chiffon, or gauze, and get started. The good news is that this design is a one-size-fits-all, but it is possible to shorten or lengthen the kimono by using some extra fabric.

The tutorial is easy to follow and this is one of the simpler kimono sewing patterns out there. Good for a beginner, or anyone who has a spare scarf they are eyeing up for a new project.

More at: Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Heathered Kimono

This was made by a beginner sewer so you can tell that it isn’t going to be strenuous and they have used a medium fabric that will be heavier than a lot of the other designs. This makes it easier to work with than some of the lacier options. The simple look works well and the large, wide armholes make it extra comfortable. It wraps around nicely thanks to its oversized cut and has a classic kimono cut but with a contemporary twist to it. When paired with some leggings and high boots it can really make for a great look that can be worn anywhere.

More at: Francois Et Moi

Easy Kimono Cardigan

For a kimono sewing pattern to work, it has to keep things simple. Thankfully, that is what you can expect from Simples Simon and Co.

It only requires a little over a yard of fabric and a handful of other materials (pom-poms are optional!).

The long flowing look of this kimono really catches the eye and it feels light and soft when using the right fabric. We think it looks great as it is but it is possible to add a little flair such as a waist tie.

More at: Simple Simon and Company

Comfy Kimono

Comfort seems to be the word everyone associates with a kimono so it is hardly surprising to see a kimono sewing pattern like this one on our list. It wraps nicely and hugs the user tight when on. Although it is nice for loungewear, it also doubles up as something that can be worn in the office.

Any beginner will find that they can get to grips with each step and an intermediate sewer will find it easy. The contrasting fabric on the sleeves gives it a unique look and it can be fun to think of combinations to make this kimono stand out in the way it deserves.

More at: So Sew Easy

Fringed Kimono

The unique design of this kimono makes it a good project for anyone looking to take on a project that challenges them but with plenty on the way of rewards.

The fringed hems of the sleeves and at the bottom of the hems at the bottom of the kimono make it as fun as it is comfortable and it can easily be made for around $30.

Using quality fabric is important here and using velvet and silk will give it a luxurious feel that would otherwise cost a lot in a store.

More at: Fabric Blog

Lightweight Kimono

The only tricky part of making this intricate kimono is hemming the lightweight fabric. However, there are tips for making this a lot easier so this is a useful pattern for those hoping to develop their skills and sew with new fabrics.

The good news is that it requires the user to measure their own body to find the perfect size. This is one of the easiest ways and because it is a kimono, there is plenty of room for error. With a bit of folding and following the large pictures that hold the user’s hand through the process, it is easy enough for most sewers.

More at: Polkadot Chair

Sheer Wrap

Most people find working with sheer to be a pleasant experience and that is what you can expect with this kimono sewing pattern. To make this design, the creator used two scarves and the tassels make it seem more unique than a lot of other patterns.

These are optional of course so don’t worry if they are not for you or if they slow you down. The full-length sleeves add to the comfort and the feeling of the material is warming when you feel like wrapping this kimono around.

More at: Melly Sews

Scarf Kimono Tutorial

Made from an old scarf, this makes an excellent cover-up and is light and comfortable for adding a top layer to an outfit.

Using a scar with a pleasant pattern is going to make a big difference but this tutorial is easy to follow and doesn’t take long to complete.

There is minimal sewing with hemming the sleeves and bottom about as much as you can expect. This can stop fraying and tidies the garment up to make sure it lasts a long time.

More at: Bonsai Hewes

Boho Kimono

It’s simple but it’s pretty and that is a combination we like when it comes to making a kimono. This boho style is perfect for a cloudy day and would otherwise be an expensive purchase. This s why we recommend giving this pattern a try as it can be worn with jeans or layering over something a little dressier. The embroidery around the hems looks great and adds to the style and boho feel. The sides hang lower which we love and you can even add some fancy lace to the back if you have it available. We’re a fan of all the little touches but they can be left out if you want to try something a little easier yet still end up with an eye-catching kimono.

More at: Make it Love It

Simple Scarf Kimono

A scary if a popular choice for the fabric for a kimono and it is easy to see why.

They are a perfect size and often the ideal material for making this type of garment. as an overlayer, this looks pretty especially with a floral design, and would look nice over a tee with a pair of jeans should the occasion suit.

The pattern is easy enough and not too heavy on the sewing. The step-by-step guide helps to take the strain away.

More at: Gathered

Beach Cover Up Kimono

There are many ways this kimono can be worn but we like the thought of it floating in the wind on a trip to the beach.

It can be made from a singular piece of fabric as long as it is in a rectangular shape – another reason to use an old scarf.

To make it easier there is no need to sew the sleeves and there is a guide on how to dye the fabric to get the same vibrant finish as in the example.

More at: Gathered

Elegant Fringed Kimono

We can’t think of a better three words to describe this kimono sewing pattern but it is also comfortable and easy to make. There isn’t a lot more you can ask from a free pattern especially since this is the style of kimono that goes for hundreds of dollars, especially the handmade types.

There are only two straight stitches and some light seam work to be done to complete this and if you can find a scarf as beautiful as the one in the example, then you are most of the way towards having a kimono that you will want to find an excuse to wear all the time.

More at: Earnest Home

Breezy Kimono Robe

This kimono sewin pattern looks like it should be worn on the beach in Bali. The floaty, light fabric reminds us of those heady cocktail-sipping holidays that are as opulent as they are memorable.

Silk or terrycloth are popular choices for this style of kimono and because it is easy enough to make, we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to try both.

The sleeves are the trickiest part but shouldn’t be much bother for this beautiful kimono.

More at: Martha Stewart

Simple Tunic Kimono

An easy guide for making a basic kimono can be made to look fancier with quality fabric.

Choose a chic design and make the most of this pattern and leave the edges raw if you want a shabby look or wish to save time.

There are only a handful of simple steps to go from the basics to a kimono-making machine.

More at: Verily Mag

Cozy Kimono Cardi

A basic kimono for the fall which you will probably get lots of use ut of.

This doesn’t have the long floaty style of some of the others meaning it could be more practical.

It all starts with cutting a couple of squares and it is best to use a light to mid-weight fabric for it to drape in the same way as the example.

More at: Victoria Day Today

Super Easy Kimono

Yes, it is easy but no it is not a basic design. This pattern looks fancier than the simple process lets on and it has a nice mid-length and large sleeves to give it the authentic kimono feel.

The pattern is easy to follow and it is possible to make it longer should you wish to wear it that way or are taller.

There are all sorts of tips and pieces of advice for customizing a kimono on the link so be sure to read it all for some fresh ideas.

More at: Sew So Natural

Kaftan Throwover Kimono

A kaftan is easier to make than a lot of people think, and that is why we like this pattern so much. It has that hippy style that is fun.

Chiffon and silk are two of the better-weighted fabrics for this kimono sewing pattern and a vintage design is going to enhance the look even more.

It has a nice drape to it and sits nicely on the shoulders so when there is a breeze in the air, you have something to take some of the chills away.

More at: Esther From The Sticks

Kimono How-To

This is the sort of pattern that can be combined with the fabric you have to hand.

Use an old scarf or use an old robe and repurpose it.

The design takes you through a handful of simple steps before you can start to envisage the finished piece and there are large pictures to help guide you through.

It is another free pattern and is easy to work with.

More at: Fashion Egg Plant

Zero Waste Kimono

There has never been a better time to put a little conscious energy into your crafts.

For your next kimono-making project, why not try this zero-waste pattern. It is a basic design but with accurate cutouts.

Although the pictures are simple, there isn’t too much in the way of advanced skill involved so you can expect to be able to get this finished in an evening.

More at: Elbe Textiles

Men’s Gown Kimono

This men’s gown makes a unique and impressive gift that he is sure to get a lot of use out of.

It can be hard to find nice men’s luxury kimonos but this certainly has that luxe feel.

The instructional and the pattern are included and free making this a great option for making a full-sized men’s kimono from scratch.

More at: Love Sewing Mag

Cute Kids Kimono

Mum doesn’t have to have all the fun which is why we have included this super kids kimono.

It has the same light feel and floaty draping as a full-sized pattern and comes in sizes ranging from 3 to 16 years.

The good news is that you can make it larger so it fits for longer, important for any parent with a forever-growing child.

More at: Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Kids Pom Pom Kimono

The pom-poms are part of what makes this so fun and we have a feeling that kids are going to love this design.

Because it is a kids’ size, it can be made from some of the spare fabric you have been meaning to use and doesn’t take long to make. It is sure to be a hit.

More at: I Candy Handmade

Baby Kimono

As cute as a button, this baby kimono is great for cozy snuggles as it doesn’t need to be pulled over the baby’s head.

The design is easy to make and can be made from the spare fabric of one of your own designs.

That makes it an easy watch for mum and baby to match in a fun and cute way. It is free to download, and ties nicely.

More at: Sew In Love

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