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There is nothing worse than being cold in the morning, although stepping out of the shower on a cold day is a close second. There are many reasons why a robe sewing pattern is a great idea for the next sewing project and when they are as convenient as our extensive list of the best patterns below, there is no reason to delay. Each one has a different feel to it but the main thing is, they are all in one place, so you don’t have to keep searching through different pages to find the ideal robe.

Hibiscus Robe Redux

As luxe as they come, this isn’t your ordinary robe sewing pattern.

It has as much flair and panache as one could hope for and is made from a decadent fabric that flows and trails in a way that just makes you feel good when you wear it.

The oversized cuff area adds to the appeal and although it requires 7 yards of embroidered mesh to replicate this look, it is obviously well worth it.

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Relaxed-Linen Bathrobe

Above all else, you want your bathrobe to feel comfortable. That is one easy tick for this relaxed look robe. It has a nice length to it, dropping just below the knee and large pockets for when you are pottering around the house. It has a clean look and the waffle-weave material used is a match made in heaven.

It is perfect for draping over yourself after getting out of the bath or pool and is lovely when wrapped around on those loungey Sunday mornings whilst sipping on a warm mug of coffee.

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Kimono Bathrobe

The kimono style is one that we like to see pop up in different forms, so for it to find its way onto our list of robe patterns is always a good thing.

It is short, so it’s going to feel comfortable in all seasons, and with the wrap-around waist tie, it even has a flattering look to it.

The yarn dye fabric feels nice and isn’t too heavy, and is easy to work with. Getting through this pattern is made easy thanks to the large pictures and in-depth instructions that take away all of the guesswork.

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Easy Robe

The great thing about this simple robe sewing pattern is that it is so easy, it is one that you will want to save and make multiple times.

They make an excellent gift and although this is a pattern for a basic robe, it is possible to add some personalization.

The vintage motif on the example is great, but it still looks good in an understated, muted color or design. What makes it even better is that there is a video tutorial to help.

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Embroidered Dressing Gown

Adding a personal touch is always great, especially when gifting a robe. Still, you will likely want to keep this robe for yourself.

Who could blame you? From the beautiful tie around the waist to the collar with embroidered design, this is a classy garment to relax in. It is a floor-length gown and is ideal for a lazy morning in bed. When the postman knocks, this is the ideal answer for when you need to rush to the door.

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Ladies Kimono Robe

A classy kimono robe that has a decadent look and is easy to make. The fabric is light, but you can choose something closer to medium weight should you want to stay a little warmer.

The belt loops and the sash ties combine to make it a flattering fit so it looks great even though it is super comfy.

There are only a handful of instructions after you download this free robe sewing pattern, so you can enjoy the overlapping front in no time.

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Duvet Cover Bathrobe Gown

Call it a robe, call it a gown, we call it super comfortable.

The amazing thing is that it is made from a duvet cover, and everyone has one or two spares in the cupboard that seldom get used.

This has a good length to it and there are guidelines for making it in multiple sizes.

There are plenty of simple instructions for making it and there is nothing overly complicated about the process as a whole.

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Kids Hooded Robe

A simple addition such as a hood feels like an ingenious idea, especially when stepping out of the bath.

Perhaps your kids like to snuggle up on the sofa in the mornings or feel the cold more.

Either way, this is a super cute and comfortable hooded robe sewing pattern that is easy to make.

The sizes are easily adjusted to make the ideal fit and use a soft fabric such as French Terry to ensure it feels nice every time it is worn.

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Kids Bathrobe

Due to the light fabric, this is comfortable to wear in the warm mornings or can be worn over their favorite matching pajamas.

The simple design is easy to make and because it has a generous sizing, this could be worn by a 2 – 6 yo. It is possible to add a bit of length for older children though.

A knit fabric works well, and it shouldn’t;lt take longer than an evening to make, even if you aren’t the most experienced sewer.

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Shark Baby Robe

Use any color you want and you will end up with the same cute shark design that kids will love. The process is simple for an intermediate sewer but maybe a little bit of a challenge for a novice.

Using terry cloth, it will have a snug feel and be the perfect thing to throw on after bathtime.

This is a design that can be made larger using a few helpful tips. With large images to make it easier, this is a fun project that will make for some great photos.

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Free DIY Kids Robe Tutorial

This is another robe made for the little ones, but it has a video to guide you through each step.

This certainly makes life easier, but the simple design and classic robe look help as well.

With a waist tie, comfortable fabric, and a pattern that is easy to turn into the perfect robe for any child, it is a great option for a beginner.

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Kids Linen Bathrobe

Using only 1.5 yards of linen and a handful of other supplies, it is easy to go from fabric to functional robe.

Because there are no curves, the sewing is straight forward so this could be a good challenge for a beginner without being overwhelming.

The pattern is for a 4-7-year-old, but it is easy to make adjustments to ensure it fits different sizes. With a serger to protect the seams and an evening of your time, this is a rewarding robe sewing pattern.

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