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Blazer Sewing Patterns

No matter what, we all want to look our best. A blazer can be worn in so many ways that it is an essential item in any wardrobe. The problem being, they aren’t always the ideal fit and can be expensive. The good news is that making your own offers you the chance to tailor the ideal fit. We have compiled a list of the best blazer sewing patterns to take the strain out of searching for your next project. Each one offers something different, and they are all easy to follow, and free.

Nepeta Blazer

A confident look is always going to feel good, and that is exactly what can be expected of this free blazer sewing pattern.

It has a slightly oversized fit, and boxy shape to make it easy to pair with some jeans if you want a relaxed look.

Some might call it a power suit which makes sense since it certainly stands out and there are plenty of sizes to choose from. It can be made in anything from a size 2 to 30. Oh, and of course, there are pockets.

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Women’s Formal Blazer

This has a traditional blazer look but can be made a little more exciting with burgundy or another color that is easily matched. For the true office blazer, be sure to use black or grey and enjoy the ideal fit.

For a free blazer pattern, it comes in a good variety of sizes with everything from 36 – 48 covered. This is a project that a beginner can tackle although it will take a little longer.

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DIY Free Blazer

From the formal to the relaxed blazer look. It is possible to pair it in a multitude of ways so go formal and use a satin or similar, or chilled with a lighter draping fabric.

It only takes two yards of two different fabrics to get started and the cropped style looks cute with a short skirt or skinny jeans.

Roll the sleeves up to show you mean business and try different prints for the lining fabric as it will show when you fold them up.

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Free Blazer Pattern

With no collars but that classic blazer design is done differently, this boasts a sporty look that would look great paired with a casual tee.

Save it for spring and know that it is a project that a beginner will be able to finish without any fuss.

The US sizes are 10, 14, and 18 and any kind of tweed fabric is going to have the right weight and texture to make this work.

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Zea Blazer

This high fashion chic blazer is great in a vibrant color pop such as the blue in the example but, to be honest, the cut means it works in pretty much any color.

The surprise lining is optional so it doesn’t have to be included but with its added length, it would make an excellent spring addition either way.

There are plenty of size options, and piecing the pattern together is made simple by the numerous images.

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Coat Sewing Pattern

Although it looks like something you might find in store, it isn’t a complicated blazer sewing pattern.

The waist tie is wider at the back which will only enhance the wearer’s figure as well as contouring at the back.

It is available in sizes 4 -24 US and when using the free pdf, expecting to be printing 28 pages that are complemented by the simple instructions.

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Slouchy Velvet Blazer

The relaxed feel makes this easy to throw over anything and it falls around the hip.

The shawl collar looks great, as does the open front enhancing that slouched look.

It is easy to make adjustments to suit the wearer and there are plenty of steps to support each stage of the sewing process.

Everyone needs a blaze they can wear on a lazy day, and this is just the pattern for it.

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Girls Blazer

Suitable for ages 8 – 14, this is a girl’s blazer that is super cute but makes young ones look like mini-boss.

It is free to download and the pdf is easy to work with once it is laid out.

It features a single button on the front and the traditional style one might expect from a full-size blazer.

One of the best options for girls who need a blazer in their life.

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Children’s Jacket

Boys get to have some of the fun of a blazer as well with this smart boys jacket made for sizes 5 to 10 years.

With two front buttons and pockets to match, the sleeves will roll up nicely with the right fabric.

It is free to download so anyone looking for a boys blazer sewing pattern will find this a good option.

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Baby Blazer Pattern

To make your little one as cute as a button, why not make this two-button blazer.

Go for a seersucker fabric as it has a nice weight to it as isn’t too restrictive for those mini arms to move in.

Because you are working with a smaller amount of material, it shouldn’t take long to make.

What’s more – it pairs well with a baby grow!

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Boy’s Blazer

This is another option for the older boy in the house (well older than a baby) and looks so smart.

The four buttons on the front make it close like a coat and there are plenty of instructions and images to help walk you through each step.

It suggests using a silky fabric for the sleeves to make them more comfortable to wear. The whole process shouldn’t take long but it is a little trickier for a beginner.

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