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Halloween Sewing Patterns

Before all the Christmas crafts take center stage, the is a small matter of Halloween costumes. The problem many people have is that they can be expensive, don’t fit well, and it can be difficult to find something that you really like. This is why making your own can be such a good idea, especially for the kids. Out list of the best Halloween seeing patterns includes a whole host of fun and spooky costumes. Some of them can be used for other occasions but one thing is for sure, they are going to put a big smile on your face when October 31st comes.

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Costume

These hilarious costumes are inexpensive (costing under $10 when finding the material at the right stores) and are an ideal his and hers themed design.

The size of them means they are going to take a little effort, but they actually don’t take long and the process is relatively simple.

They are sure to be a hit at the costume party and because they are made to size, the wearer is always going to be comfortable. A fun costume, that has plenty of freedom for moving around and socializing.

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Olaf Costume

Do you wanna build a snowman? Well, now you can make your own mini Olaf for your little one. An adorable option that comes with the hood to make your child look like a small flurry of joy.

The fleece costume is padded to make it look authentic and the whole process doesn’t take too long. With a brown t-shirt underneath, it really looks the part.

Sewing the carrot to the hood really tops it off to make a costume that you will probably want to dig out at Christmas all over again.

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Strawberry Costume

Adorable, and available in sizes the whole family can enjoy, it only needs a long sleeve top and some tights to complete the look.

This is the sort of costume that could be worn at any dress-up party and has plenty of room to make it more comfortable than most.

Children will look adorable, and adults will look hilarious, and making a strawberry costume for each family member is going to be something everyone talks about for years.

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Last Minute Owl Costume

When you have kids, everything seems to be last-minute, but this owl costume is a good one for making sure your child looks great at the party without a lot of resources.

It can be made out of a t-shirt and a little know-how and it will take an intermediate sewer around two hours to make.

This means a beginner should be able to finish it in an evening so if you are struggling for ideas the night before the party, try this owl costume. Because it can be glued, it can even be made without a sewing machine.

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Tinkerbell For Halloween

This is another popular child’s Halloween sewing pattern and it is still simple, yet looks great.

There is something about adding a pair of fairy wings that makes children smile, so we are all for it. The process is pretty simple and with detailed instructions, it shouldn’t take too long to make.

The best part is that it is free, and does not cost a lot, with a few dollars being all that is needed.

This is a stark contrast to the expensive costumes from the stores.

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Peter Pan Costume

Cute as a button with that pointed hat complete with feather.

Even the little fabric dagger on the belt is adorable so making this for the mini person in your house is going to be a lot of fun.

From the cutting of the V into the top to crafting the brown hat, a peter pan is a great option for when you want to make something Disney for a cute Halloween party.

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Mummy Costume

A spooky costume for the older kids was making people jump is part of the fun. A mummy costume isn’t just about wrapping toilet paper around someone, there is a bit of skill here.

The good news is that this is a Halloween sewing pattern that is very forgiving. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t look perfect, as that is part of the idea!

Using old clothes as part of the pattern and a sewing machine to put it all together, this looks better than anything you can buy in the store for an authentic mummy look.

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Piglet Hat

With a pink dress to match, your little one will only need a little piglet hat such as this to make her party-ready.

Because it can be difficult to find mini costumes, this is a good option as it allows you to dress her in something comfortable.

Using different shades of pink fleece, it looks like an authentic piglet hat and should be easy to make and has straps under the chin to make sure it isn’t falling off all the time.

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Jedi Robe For Kids

For the Star Wars fanatic, a Jedi robe is great for various reasons.

Not only is it great for a party, but it can be worn as a dressing gown around the house after.

All it needs is a lightsaber to top off the look and he will be accusing his friends back and forth at the party.

It is easy to make to size as it is made with the individual’s measurements.

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Mermaid Costume For Kids

Every girl wants to be a mermaid at some point in their childhood so this mermaids tail is a great option.

Because of the style, it is going to be a little more restrive than others so they will want to move with a little caution.

Still, they will look great thanks to the scale-like design and with a fabric with some shine, are going to look like they just swam out of the sea to the party.

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Felt Vest

Some people find felt easier to work with which is why this serves as a good option.

As a playsuit, it really excels and there are ideas for making a cowgirl or cowboy outfit, pirate, sheriff, and more.

For a bit of dun at playtime, they can keep a child warm and help ignite their imagination.

The process requires a little skill but there is an instructional video to support the photos.

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