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Messenger Bag Sewing Patterns

For many people, a messenger bag is an ideal way to carry their school work or laptop from A to B. Not only is it comfortable, and provides easy access, but they also look great. Because you can never beat a crafted bag, we have compiled a list of the best messenger bag sewing patterns. There are a plethora of styles and something for all skill sets. The best thing is, they are all free. So, to stop you from having to search high and low for the ideal bag, take a look at our list.

Simple Messenger Bag

With internal pockets for keeping smaller items safe, this is a great messenger bag with a neutral look.

The pattern itself is easy to follow and there are plenty of instructions to make sure you can replicate this bag with ease. It has the ideal capacity for keeping notepads and laptops and what makes it so ideal is that it is sturdy and strong so it can take quite a load.

The wide strap makes it comfortable and the whole process shouldn’t take more than an evening for a beginner.

More at: Apple Green Cottage

Mini Fold Over Messenger Bag

We like the scaled-down size of this messenger bag sewing pattern as not everyone needs a full-size bag.

This makes it ideal for a child or an adult with less to carry and with 1/2 yard of external and lining fabric, this is pretty simple to make.

It could even be made with large scraps should you have them and there are plenty of large pictures to go with the instructions.

More at: U Create Crafts

Messenger Bag With Tuck Locks

This is one of the most stylish messenger bags on our list ad we love the combination of colors and designs on the fabrics.

The tuck locks are discreet but secure and give it a nice timeless feel. The slim design makes it ideal for carrying a book or two and an iPad and its size won’t slow you down when walking around town so it is a good option for taking just about anywhere.

There are neat pockets inside, and what’s even better is that the pattern is free.

More at: Sew 4 Home

Recycled Wax Tote Bag

We are all for recycling old materials so if you have an old coat made out of waxed canvas or something similar, it can be put to good use.

Alternatively, grab some from your local craft store and follow the instructions on the video tutorial which allows you to go at your own pace.

If you are working with waxed canvas, be sure to test the tension on your machine before you get started.

More at: Vicky Myers Creations

Malibu Satchel

The stylish look of this messenger bag sewing pattern makes it a great bag for taking just about anywhere. We love the contrast design of the example and it provides plenty of room for getting creative.

There are internal pockets and when all the loops and handles have been attached, it is a strong bag that can hold a decent amount of luggage.

There are a lot of stages that go into making it, but this is because the tutorials are detailed and leave less room for error.

More at: Fabric Mutt

Fold Over Bag

This is a casual bag designed for taking small items such as keys and a purse whilst also accommodating a book.

It has a pleasant springtime look that we love and there is plenty of information to help guide you through the process. there is an internal pocket, and when made, it is a strong bag that feels comfortable on the shoulder.

There are large images for every step so this is a bag that could be made by a beginner with a bit of patience and is a nice challenge for an experienced sewer.

More at: Noodle Head

Messenger Bag Tutorial

This full-size messenger bag sewing pattern is ideal for taking a laptop from place to place and because of the thick adjustable shoulder strap, it is one of the more comfortable bags on our list.

All in all, this project should take around 3-4 hours for an average sewer to complete and the end product ensures it is well worth it.

We like the neutral color in the example, but there is no reason why this cannot be made with a design that is more fun and vibrant. At 15 inches wide and 10 inches high, there is plenty of room for a laptop and other items.

More at: Obsessive Crafting Disorder

Easy Messenger Bag

The chevron style of its mini messenger bag looks great and is inspiring so choose any design of fabric you feel like.

It is ideal for a school where a pencil case full of supplies and a few books are all a child needs to take.

The thick strap takes the strain off of a child’s shoulders and for the sewer, the instructions are laid out in an easy-to-follow way with plenty of pictures to guide you.

More at: Crazy Little Projects

Super Simple Messenger Bag

Bags don’t need to be complicated as this design shows. The ruffled design gives it some nice texture and makes it a little more exciting than some of the other options.

There are only four main steps to follow so before you know it, this bag will be ready to be filled with all the things necessary to enjoy a trip out.

It could be made into a school bag with a few adjustments, mainly to the design on the fabric to make it a little more fun.

More at: Between The Lines

Little Birdie Told Me Bag

The colors on this fun messenger bag make it what it is so if you can find a unique design then it would make a brilliant gift for anyone.

There are internal pockets to help keep items separate and a thick shoulder strap for comfort.

With 15 steps, it might seem like there is a lot to follow, but these are broken down to make them simple and easy to keep up with.

More at: Mommy By Day Crafter By Night

Crafty Messenger Bag Sewing Pattern

The pleasant floral design is a good option although this simple pattern makes it easy to change things up a bit and make it to your taste.

It’s a practical bag made from sturdy canvas material and has an inner lip to make it more secure.

The natural shape and design mean that it is a messenger bag that anyone can appreciate, making it a thoughtful gift for a loved one or friend.

More at: The Sewing Directory

1-Yard Lecien Fabric Messenger Bag

We love a challenge so making this bag from one yard of fabric is great fun. The example is made from Oxford fabric so anything similar should be strong enough to hold plenty of luggage.

The bag will comfortably fit a small laptop and books and the thick strap will take the strain off your shoulders.

The instructions are detailed and the pdf download is easy to use so this is a good option for anyone looking for a simple messenger bag sewing pattern.

More at: Sew Can She

School Party Satchel

This cute satchel design is ideal for carrying those school books next to a packed lunch and has plenty of room for everything.

It might be a basic design, but that is what makes it so popular, and there are plenty of ways this can be personalized to match your child’s tastes.

The nylon webbing strap is easy to work with and fully adjustable to find the ideal height.

More at: Ikatbag

Fun Kids Sized Messenger Bag

This cute kids messenger bag is easy to make but it could take a beginner a couple of sitting to complete.

The process is made simple with easy instructions that are complemented by large images to guide the user. We like the contrast of the corduroy bag with a flap of a different design to make it stand out a little.

Under the flap is where the cuteness continues as it is possible to add a motif of their favorite animal or something similar.

More at: Merriment Design

Kiddo Messenger Bag

Using denim for the main bag is a good idea as it is hard-wearing which is important when kids are throwing their bag down.

It isn’t complicated to make but there are a fair amount of steps. This makes it easier since it is nearly impossible to go wrong.

An experienced sewer will be able to make this in an evening but there is nothing wrong with going back to it the next day. You’ll end up with a cute kids’ bag either way.

More at: Zaaberry

Reversable Messenger Bag

All the functionality of a messenger bag, but with some fun added, this reversible messenger bag sewing pattern is great.

It can be made for an adult or a child and is the ideal size for keeping the essentials such as keys and a purse safe.

The light fabric means it will probably get dirty but still, it’ll look summery for quite some time first.

More at: Crazy Little Projects

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