Selecting A Beginner Sewing Project

As another session rolls by at The Sewing Studio, and we near the discussion about patterns and I am always reminded of past beginner students who have decided to choose a project which is just a tad over their heads. Some students have successfully completed difficult projects, with a bit of struggling and perseverance, while others simply gave up and picked up a simpler project – as originally recommended. I feel inclined to remind students that when learning how to sew, the choice of projects they start with are crucial to their progress and overall skill development. And while they shouldn’t necessarily start off with something too easy (since some challenges along the way are beneficial) they also don’t want to take on a project that will prove to be much too difficult and leave them frustrated.

Here are a few things to take into consideration when selecting a sewing project as a beginner:

Pattern Difficulty

Carefully examine each aspect of the pattern to determine whether or not you will be able to sail through the steps or be left in a storm. Even though you have an instructor guiding you, you will be the one sewing. Grab a pattern that you can’t live without, but one that will also help ease you into the sewing world.

Fabric Choice

Pick a fabric that is suitable for your pattern and matches your skill level as well. That silk, button-down blouse is calling your name, I know, but try to choose another fabric until you master a cotton skirt with a waistband first. Sturdy fabric with little to no stretch will be your best bet. Once you’ve learned the skills you need to finish a simple project from start to finish, you can apply your knowledge and attempt a project in the intermediate window.

Time Allowance

Sewing is time consuming. Period. Estimate the amount of time you will need between actual class time and spare time at home to dedicate to completing your project. Just in case, figure out where else you can sneak in a few extra minutes. You don’t want to be rushed!

Which sewing project will you choose as a beginner? Let me know below! Can’t wait to hear from you!

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