Make a Military Skirt Using a Trench Coat

Make a Military Skirt Using a Trench Coat

When spring finally arrives, which (we hope) is any day now, recreate your old trench coat into a military skirt like this Kenzo one shown above. Goodbye rain, hello sunshine!

1 trench coat
3/4” (2 cm) wide elastic
Safety pin
Hand sewing needle

Step 1: Cut off the bottom of the trench coat leaving 3” (7.5cm) above the waist (this extra allowance will be used to make a casing for the elastic). ***Save the top of the trench coat – I’ll be showing you what to do with that bad boy in a later project!

Step 2: Fold under a 5/8” (1.5cm) seam allowance on the 3” (7.5cm) extended piece, and press.

Step 3: Now, press the extended piece in half and edgestitch around, making sure to leave a small opening on one end to insert elastic.
Step 4: Use your waist measurement plus 1/2” (1.3cm) to cut the proper length of elastic.

Step 5: Attach the safety pin to one end of the elastic and use it to feed the elastic through the opening.

Step 6: Layer the ends of the elastic and sew with a zigzag stitch across the elastic a few times until the elastic is secure.

Step 7: Stitch the small opening closed using a hand-sewing needle and thread.

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