Commercial Embroidery Machine Guide

With any business, the tools you use will go a long way towards the sort of quality you put out. This is never truer than in the embroidery business. This is why so many people agonize over upgrading and purchasing a commercial embroidery machine. It’s no easy task but when you know what the best machines should be capable of, it can make it a lot easier.

We have created the following buyer’s guide to make this a simple purchase and by the end of it, you’ll be able to select a machine that can help your business grow and ensure your customers are impressed by the results.

What To Look For In A Commerical Embroidery Machine

Embroidery Field

A commercial embroidery machine is going to need to be big enough to work on larger projects. Whether this is the back of a t-shirt or a jacket, the machine you choose needs to be able to accommodate the design. This is where an embroidery field is so important. A beginner’s machine will only give you 4 x 4inches of space. Although this is great for a growing business owner, it isn’t as well suited to commercial use.

Even a 5 x 7-inch field is going to become limited before too long. The best commercial embroidery machines will be able to work on a much larger area, as well as the smaller designs.


The hoops are what keeps everything in place, leaving you with a satisfyingly straight and perfectly embroidered design. The more hoops you have, the better your options are. Although some brands include one or two, a commercial embroidery machine should come with as many as possible.

Large LCD Screen

Some machines will only give you a small screen to work with and this is fine as some people want a compact machine to work with. The larger, industrial-sized commercial embroidery machines will give you more room on the LCD screen.

Beyond the size, it should be easy to navigate and the more editing features it has the better. Even some basic machines let you choose between colors so the bigger the business, the more editing options you should look for.

Built-In Designs

A commercial embroidery business will need a large stock of designs with plenty saved on a laptop or USB that can be uploaded at any time. Built-in designs tend to be more important to small business owners but they can be useful.

Large Memory

Storage space is important as it means the machine can hold more designs at one time. You don’t want to keep having to reupload old designs because the commercial embroidery machine you choose doesn’t have a lot of memory.

It isn’t always a case of the more the spend the more you get when it comes to memory but there is certainly a trend that shows you get better value in this area when you increase your budget. Always save the designs you buy rather than delete them, even if making room for new ones as you never know when you might want to use them again.

Number of Needles

The number of needles the commercial embroidery machine is capable of using will determine how fast it can operate and what sort of projects you can use it for. You will also need to change the needles depending on the material you are sewing so make sure the product you buy either comes with every you need for the work you are doing, or you can get the right ones in advance.

Wide Range of Materials To Use

Some of the beginner-friendly embroidery machines are great for hobbyists and smaller projects but they aren’t always as flexible when it comes to the materials they can work with. A heavy-duty commercial machine will make light work of denim and tougher fabrics so if this is the sort of work you think you will be using it for, make sure it is up to the job.

Hats are another material that can be tricky to embroider so if this is something your business offers, make sure the machine you like the look of can embroider different types of hats.


Because we are talking about commercial embroidery machines, it is even more important that you buy one with a substantial warranty. The more you spend the more you will want to protect your purchase and if your business depends on the use of the machine, this is even more vital.

Any machine that is used for commercial purposes is going to be put through more wear and tear than others which is why you need to check for a warranty.

Easily Available File Format

There are many embroidery machine manufacturers and each one will be compatible with different file types. Some are more readily available than others so check the machine you are getting accepts the right file types for the designs you have in mind.

How Much Does A Commercial Embroidery Machine Cost?

This will depend on the type of business you run. An at-home business with a modest customer base might not need to upgrade to such a high-quality machine. In which case, an investment of $800 – $1,500 can land you a reliable machine that takes up less room but has lots of features.

Those running a larger operation will be looking for a machine that has industrial strength, a wide range of features and a large embroidery field to work on. This will mean an investment of anywhere between $5,000 – $10,000 but they can keep up with the greater demands and some can work 24 hours a day.

Is An Embroidery Machine Business Profitable?

Although starting out can be tough, with acquiring new clients to keep things ticking over just one of many challenges, the at-home embroidery business can be very profitable. This might mean you need to upgrade your machine unless you are ready to invest heavily from the start.

Because supplies are cheap and there is still a lot of demand for quality garments and personalized items, many people turn an embroidery business into a profitable one.

What Is The Best Commercial Embroidery Machine?

It is difficult to say that one machine will suit everyone because a beginner’s embroidery machine might be better suited to a growing business with a modest client base than a large industrial type.

For something in between, we found the Janome Horizon Memory Craft 12000 Embroidery and Sewing Machine to be the most versatile and with over 300 built-in patterns, a large memory base and the ability to use it for sewing it is certainly a quality product., The results are great and it can be connected to a laptop or PC to use the screen or upload new designs.

With a 15-inch surface and 43 presser feet included, you get a mix of value and features.

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