Learn to Sew at Your Own Pace

Learn to Sew at Your Own Pace

Now that you’ve completed the Introductory Sewing class at The Sewing Studio, are you wondering which course to take next? Introductory Sewing 2 could be just what you need!

Building confidence on the machine and honing your skills is your main goal and Introductory Sewing 2 offers just that! You will get guidance and assistance on new patterns and explore a variety of garments. Your instructor will review topics you’ve covered in Introductory Sewing such as: fabric fundamentals, laying out, cutting, and marking your fabric, as well as adjusting a pattern. Once you’re ready to go, you can jump into making a skirt, a pair of pants, a jacket, or even a dress! A list of recommended patterns will be provided so that you can choose a style all your own. And who knows – if you’re dedicated enough, you might even complete more than one piece in class.

Introductory Sewing 2 allows you to dictate the pace and difficulty of the project. Since you are used to the sewing machine and can pretty much kind-of-sort-of navigate your way through a pattern after completing Introductory Sewing, IS2 is a great stepping stone before you try to tackle an advanced class.

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