Computerized Sewing Machine Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to upgrading the old sewing machine a computerized product can help bring those stitches into the 21st century. Not only do they offer lots of sewing options, but they make life easier. With everything from automatic needle threaders, to LCD screens that are easy to customize, they are definitely the sewer’s friend.

There are plenty of products on the market, all promising the world, but how can you tell the elite from the sub-par machines? We have created the following buyer’s guide to help you find the right machine for your needs.

What Makes A Computerized Sewing Machine So Good?

In a way, these machines do a lot of the thinking for the user. By making it easy to adjust the stitch width, length, and style, saves time on some of the fiddly elements of sewing. Because it is computerized, the stitches are made with precision so, in terms of accuracy, these are an excellent option.

What To Look For In A Computerized Sewing Machine

LCD Display

The way to make the most of these machines is to get to know how to use the LCD display. This is where it should be possible to customize the stitches and change the style and length among others. The larger the display, the better, and if it is a touchscreen then even better still. A simple product might only offer a small screen but these can be easy to learn to use for beginners.

Built-in Stitches

With everything from alphanumeric stitches to a running stitch or zig-zag, this will partially determine how many different ways the machine can be used. The more the merrier and although a basic machine may start with 60, there are plenty of higher spec computerized sewing machines that have 600 built-in stitches, some have even more!

Smooth Operation

This will come from having a heavy-metal body that weighs the machine down enough to offer some stability, Of course, every sewing machine is going to cause some level of vibration when in use, but the higher quality machines are easier to handle and have a smooth stitching operation. This can contribute to the quality of the stitches, preventing skipped stitches.

Included Accessories

Although this shouldn’t be a priority over the quality of the machine, there is something to be said for brands that include plenty of accessories. This usually comes in the form of multiple presser feet so it can be used in different ways, but also bobbins, screwdriver, extension table, and more.

LED Lights

This may be in the form of a single light or multiple, but anything that will illuminate the workspace when you need to sew with accuracy is going to make a big difference.

Time-Saving Features

Even the budget-friendly machines offer some form of easy loading system from an automatic needle thread to a top drop-in bobbin system. These features help to get a new project off the ground quickly so the user can enjoy the sewing process rather than wasting time on set-up.


A lot of products have storage space to save favorite stitch settings. this means that the next time you go to use the machine, it can be as simple as pressing a few buttons to get to your favorite stitch and pick a new project up quickly.

Mechanical Vs Computerized Sewing Machine

For many people, this isn’t even a close contest. The ease of use and customizable options make a computerized machine a lot easier to use, not to mention more accurate. There is less room for error and it is even possible to download more stitches with some machines.

They make it possible to create stitches with a little flair without requiring years of experience. Some models may cost a little more, but the end result is worth the investment.

How Much Does A Computerized Sewing Machine Cost?

The good news is that there are enough brands making a wide range of machines for it to be a competitive market. This means that anyone can find a quality machine for under $200 and it will have plenty for most people to get on with. However, there are also some high-qualuty computerized sewing machines around $400 that have plenty of built-in stitches and cusotmizable features.

It is possible to spend a lot more than this, so for the industry-grade spec machines expect to go over $1,000.

Are Computerised Sewing Machines Easy To Use?

Anyone who has used a mechanical sewing machine before will find a computerized product easy to get on with. Even a complete novice will be up and running after a little practice. This is because they are built to make life simple so instead of having to learn how to adjust the stitching yourself, you can program the computer to do it for you.

Although we recommend taking small steps and learning how to use a new machine properly, the process of going from novice to confident sewing is easier than one might think.

How Long Does A Computerized Sewing Machine Last?

Anything between 5-25 years. Because of the additional electrical parts, some people assume they won’t last as long as mechanical products, but this isn’t necessarily the case. As long as they are maintained regularly and stored in their hard or soft case (to prevent dust from causing issues) they should last a long time.

However, we always recommend looking for products with a lengthy warranty, just in case anything should go wrong. Thankfully, most reputable brands include long limited warranties with up to 25 years being a common amount of time.

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