Make High-Waisted Jeans From an Oversized Pair


Try making these 70’s-style jeans out of an outgrown, oversized pair. Just a few darts and you’ll be stylin’ like Katie Holmes rocking these J-Brands pictured above!


1 pair of oversized jeans
Seam ripper
Marking pencil

Step 1: Use a seam ripper to detach the waistband from the side seams and back panels.

Step 2: Mark at your hip on both pant legs.

Step 3: Pin the side seams and taper the jeans on the side seams up to the hip mark. Finish the tapering by serging the seams together and topstitch for detailing.
Step 4: Mark dart placement on the back panels. Sew the darts. You might have to adjust the back pocket placements depending on the style of your jeans.

Step 5: Shorten the waistband, and then sew back onto the waist. Stitch-in-the-ditch or topstitch to finish the waistband.

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