Quilting References

Quilting References

As a quilter, your references are just as important as your techniques. There are many resources out there, but here’s an inside look at what you can gain from patterns, magazines, and books.


Patterns offer step-by-step instructions for one or more projects. They are great for someone looking to make the same type of project several times. By simply changing the fabrics, you’ll have a completely different finished product. You’ll find patterns for a variety of projects including (but not limited to) bags, placemats, table runners, and quilts.


Magazines are great for learning about the latest quilting trends while checking out a few simple project ideas. Not only do quilting magazines keep you to-up-date, they often include patterns, offer insight into various techniques, and bring you closer to the quilting community, introducing you to people, places, tools, and other resources.


Books are a great reference for any trade. In addition to teaching different quilting techniques, books offer a variety of projects ideas and patterns. In a book, techniques are taught more in-depth than they are in patterns. For example, a book may provide advice on fabric and colour selection, as well as give detailed information on basic techniques such as basting, quilting, and binding your project. With a number of projects covered in a single book, they are more economical for someone who is looking for inspiration and hoping to make multiple items. You’ll find books for beginners, baby quilts, seasonal quilts, landscape quilts, appliqué, and so much more! There are thousands of books available for a wide range of projects, making it easy to find one that’s right for you.

Take advantage of your quilting references. You never when or where you’ll find inspiration and learn a new technique!

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