Tips For Adding Sequin Embellishments

Tips For Adding Sequin Embellishments

Sparkles and shine are a great way to make any outfit party-worthy. You can join in the fun by adding sequin embellishments to garments and accessories you already own or to ones you’re currently working on. Sequins can be individually hand-sewn or added as a pre-strung trim that is machine-friendly.

Machine sewing a sequin trim is the fastest way to add impact to any garment and using a specialized machine foot (like the Janome 20033200 ribbon/sequin foot) makes the whole process a breeze. Whether you have a specialized machine foot or not, here are 5 tips for sewing with sequins to make any outfit party ready.

  1. Be sure that your sequins are all facing one direction and that your presser foot will travel in the same direction over the strand. Think of your sequins as shiny dominoes that have been knocked over!
  2. Do not use a ballpoint needle – It will not pierce the sequins cleanly. Use a sharp, new needle when possible. Even heavy duty needles will dull quickly so be sure to have extras handy.
  3. Use transparent thread for your project. Transparent upper thread helps keep the focus on your sparkly trim, not your sewing skills.
  4. Wiggly sequins can be quite obvious. To avoid this, consider marking trim placement with tailors chalk ahead of time. You can also tack the sequin trim in place with a few basting stitches or with pins to be sure that they stay put when sewing.
  5. To attach sequin trim, use a long, zigzag stitch to slowly sew down the center of your trim. If the trim is over ½ inch wide, secure it with a line of stitching on each edge of the trim.

We’d love to hear about when and how you use sequins – Dance costumes or not!

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